2B | Our Assembly

21 March 2020

The children in Year 2 worked very hard to prepare and perform their fabulous Assembly last week. Since then, they have been busy drafting, editing, revising and publishing their recounts.


Our Amazing Year 2 Assembly

Yesterday Wednesday the 11th of March the amazing year 2’s performed their assembly at the Gym. All of C.C.P.S. watched.

First Kinza introduced everyone in C.C.P.S.  to our assembly.

Next, we showed C.C.P.S. our emojis and signs.

Then, we sang a song about Feelings.

Finally, we sang our happy song we danced first and then we danced second. 

After our assembly, I felt happy and proud of myself because I did a good job and danced to our happy song! By Kacey


The Year 2 Assembly

Yesterday afternoon, the Year 2s had their assembly in the gym. All of C.C.P.S watched.

First, in the Year 2’s Assembly Kinza went up on stage then all the people went on stage to hold the emojis and some other people held the zones signs.

Next, we sang a song ‘If you’re sad and you know it hug a friend, if you’re sad and you know it hug a friend, if your sad and you know it and you really want to show it.’

After the assembly, I felt happy and excited to go home. By Ruby.


My Assembly

All the children were in the gym yesterday.

We did the emojis. We did the zones, and then we sang a song.  

Then we sang another song it was the Happy song. Then we stood up and then we danced.

We felt HAPPY! We were excited.

We said good afternoon and then we went home. By Azaryah.


The Year 2’s Assembly

In the afternoon we had our Assembly.

First, we changed our clothes. After we went to the gym and we sang the National Anthem.

Then Kinza went in front of all the teachers and the students and talked. Then another Year 2 went in front and held up some emojis.

Then we sang a song. Then we sang the Happy Song and after that, we went to the classroom.

I felt very happy and tired.  By Eunice


The children reflected on how they felt before, during and after their assembly. They drew emojis and coloured them to show how they were feeling and what Zone they were in.