6.10.2020 Wellbeing Blog

9 October 2020

Coming Back to School

Welcome back to Term 4.  We are delighted to be seeing all our Cranbourne Carlisle PS students next Monday, actually face to face!  It feels like we have all worked so hard to get to this position and now all that hard work is paying off.

I have been searching for tips to get back into Life after Lockdown.  While we are excited to get back to “Covid Normal” I think we are all going through different emotions.  I know while I feel so happy to be heading back to school, I also feel nervous and a little apprehensive about starting again.  Will I miss being around my family all day?  I will have to get up much earlier to go to school – how will that be?  And will I remember to bring my lunch??

Your children will be going through different emotions too.  They could be worrying about many things concerned with returning to school:

  • Will they find it hard to get going?
  • What will their friendship groups be like?
  • Will they find the work difficult?
  • How will they get to know everyone again?
  • Is there a risk of catching the virus?

Headspace has produced a great tip sheet:  Tips to get back into life during COVID-19

Some of their ideas to help children get started are:

  • Think about the fun things you want to do once restrictions ease.
  • Write out a plan to help motivate yourself. Sometimes a plan can help motivate you even if you don’t quite feel like it at the time.
  • Ask your family and friends to get involved.
  • Take it slowly. Gradually try new things. You don’t need to do everything straight away.
  • Start with something that seems easier, before moving to difficult things.
  • If you’re worried about catching the virus remember to practice hand hygiene and physical distancing.
  • Think about what you might need to do if things don’t go well, and write down a few ideas of what might help you get back on track.
  • Keep in mind that things may change and restrictions could start again.

The Association for Children with a Disability Association for Children with a Disability have produced a story to use with younger students around going back to school:

I am going back to School

The easing of restrictions might be an exciting, fun, and enjoyable time for some. For others, it might be scary, uncertain or overwhelming. It’s normal to feel anything and everything, so remember to be kind to yourself.

Don’t forget that there are many places to get help if you need it.  Children can start by reaching out to a trusted friend, family member, teacher or Elder to share what they are going through.

And don’t forget the help lines available to everyone:

Camps Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF)
In acknowledgement of the significant and ongoing challenges facing the parent community, the Minister of Education has approved that the eligibility to qualify for CSEF be extended until 5 October 2020, with applications due by 27 November 2020. CSEF payments for these students will be made at 50% of the standard rates recognising that opportunities for camps, sports and excursions has been limited in 2020. In addition, schools will be able to use CSEF payments for voluntary school charges, books and stationary for the remainder of 2020.  Please contact the front office for further details.

Information for people in need of assistance

Don’t forget that there are many resources available for people who are experiencing hardship.  This is a link to DHHS Financial Support page: DHHS Financial Supports during COVID19

It covers supports for families and individuals, and also business and industry.  It includes Rent Relief Grants, Emergency Relief Packages, Extreme Hardship Support Programs, and many other supports that are available.

There is also a link to Family Violence Support

And finally:

Kerry Bates (Assistant Principal) and Sarah Tappy (Wellbeing Teacher)