STEM incorporates aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. At Cranbourne Carlisle Primary our STEM program explores a range of different concepts.

We explore and develop our Science Inquiry skills of questioning, predicting, researching, evaluating, testing and recording through the 4 main areas of Science, these are:-

Physical, Biological, Chemical and Earth Space Science.

We also develop our critical and creative thinking skills through the discoveries and design concepts taught and explored in our Digital and Design Technology fields.  We learn about simple machines, forces, movement and how to code and instruct a variety of unique and specific robotic devices such as Lego Spikes, We do robots, Ozobots and Beebots.

These learning tasks provide children opportunities to work collaboratively with others, communicate for different purposes, think critically about what they are doing and demonstrate creativity in different ways. Activities utilise a range of different robotics tools as well as hands on design materials.

In addition to our classroom programs, we extend our students’ abilities through a variety of competitions and workshops that provide additional challenges and opportunities for students to demonstrate their STEM skills and explore their passions.

An example of this is our Formula 1 Hydrobot Rumble Challenge Team.  This year our Year 6 students designed a model of an autonomous hydrogen fuelled vehicle and presented their project on stage at the Grand Prix as 1 of 3 finalists.  Our students represented our school proudly and received first place for their work.


Another example is our Robotics program.  We run teams through the Lego Robotics competition and have had students represent our school at both state and national finals in 2023.

We celebrate this learning for STEM regularly and create opportunities for students work to be displayed and shared around the school.

For more information see The Department’s STEM page