Principal | What your teacher does when you are not with them

22 May 2019

Education week 2019 is focused on careers, so I thought it might be interesting to highlight what happens before the school day starts and when it finishes. The work of a teacher does not begin at 8:45 am and stop at 3:15. Teachers start arriving at school as early as 7:30 in the morning where they will check over emails, correct work, follow up on seesaw responses from parents and update the daily timetable on the whiteboard. They will check that everything is prepared for the day and catch up with other teachers to check on upcoming events. The list of things to prepare before the children arrive is extensive.
Once the children have left and the gates are locked, CCPS teachers continue to work hard to ensure high quality learning opportunities are created. They meet in teams to discuss achievement data focusing on how best to support each individual child. They research new and innovative ways to deliver the curriculum in their classrooms. They write reports at night and on the weekends. They attend courses in their own time to gain extra qualifications. They donate their time to sizzle sausages, accompany the children to commemorative ceremonies and attend camps, all without receiving any extra pay. Take the time to say thank you to your teacher and acknowledge the hard work and dedication they show every day in their chosen career.