Principal’s blog | Farewell Poem

19 September 2019








This is a magical place just where do I begin?
Seeing little ones in Foundation like Olie or Arman with such big grins.

I love this place and I say it to anyone I can tell,
Full of wonderful personalities in Year 1 like Isaballe, Kacey and Ryelle.

Each morning I enjoy saying g’day to the kids by being kind and calm,
I see amazing Year 2 children like Josiah, Mia and Erfan.

When I visit Year 3 I see lots of hard work and trying,
No visit is complete without seeing Jayden, Amira or Ryan.

Year 4 are in STEM and I hear a bang!
“I didn’t do it!” Adam says to Ms Crang.

I see all of the good and crazy behaviour,
I’ll miss Hannah, Aliyah, Mica and Xzavier.

There’s finally a moment of silence in my day and I read through Ms Murphy’s planner,
But get interrupted by the passing chuckles of Year 5’s like Kate, Mikayla and Savannah!

Knowing some of you for six years means I feel like I know you inside out,
Who’s the cheekiest? Ibtesam, Shujaat, Kainat or Julia no doubt.

I’ve been around some of you for seven years like our champions in Year Six,
Quite the rowdy bunch with KJ, Zohal and Tash in the mix.

Watching our children grow up has been a pleasure to see,
Even working with chatterboxes like Ella, Emily and Rhi Rhi!

Sometimes drama happens, ooh I think that child just hit his head!
Don’t worry it’s just Ms Davis who can’t find her glasses and walked into Ms Mepstead.

There seems to be some constant buzz in the school when I go walking…
Nope, that’s just Isaballa who’s always talking!

There’s so much passion from our teachers and staff at CCPS,
Although I’m a little worried about Mr Mac’s office and all that mess.

This is a place that means so much to me and my life,
I’ve told a billion stories about you all to my children and wife.

There are so many fun things we do under the rising son,
Like the Attendance Challenge in Term 2, did you know Ms Dunstan won?!

Greeting the community outside on yard duty has been a favourite bit,
There’s always a guarantee I will get a ‘good morning’ from that legend Mahit.

I’ve been the classroom teacher, ICT teacher, Assistant Prin and now Acting Prin in my time here,
The chance to support children and families through challenges I will always hold dear.

The Christmas market has always been a highlight of mine,
Chatting with ex students while watching Jesse and Harley waste all their tickets in the basketball line.

It’s always great catching up with parents I’ve known since back in the day,
Especially my mate Mr Panga “Wussup bro?” he’d always say.

I’ll miss seeing families like Malith, Akwut and Deng to Rachele and Marlyna,
I’ll miss our computer Tech’s Passan and Ming as well as Miriam the magical cleaner.

Our office staff are superb, they can help teachers, parents or a child hurt in a tackle,
The school is so lucky to have such a team along with a caring nurse like Ms Van Brakel.

The Uno club kids have provided great memories for me, all of you I adore,
But Manyok I know when you cheat and drop an extra card to the floor!

Masooma Masooma is the grand champ of the game in Year 4,
When I’m stressed out and tired my spirits rise when I see you all at my door.

Our Cultural Connectionz days hold a special place in my heart,
I hope Diwali finishes some of the great work that we did start.

Working at this school has developed my ability to be a public speaker,
I can now pronounce so many unique names, like my favourite one Yotika!

Soon there will be a great new Principal to be your adviser,
They will have to cover my afternoon duty chatting with Andelib, Urooj, Simon and Aliza.

With Many Cultures, One Community I see this place being vital to Cranbourne,
So much diversity, experience and talent for you to share and learn.

Thank you to the staff for the work we’ve done together over the years,
I’m grateful for the experiences I have formed with you as my peers.

As I finish up this week feeling so blessed, grateful and proud,
Of the chance to be someone in the lives of all you from the quiet to the loud.

I hope I’ve been a good role model to you all by just being me, myself and I
It’s time for me to wrap this poem up before I begin to cry.

Goodbye from Jedi Master Cuss your acting Principal
You’ve all made my heart feel really, really full.

I’m excited to go begin working at my new school Botanic Ridge,
But my time at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School has been a true privilege…

Tobin Cuss