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6 August 2019

Parenting is a stressful, draining job. At least it is for me!

As we endure the challenges of parenting it is always helpful to reassess our parenting style and consider the impact our actions and reactions have on our children. offers a range of blog posts and resources that can assist parents in making positive parent choices.

Here is a short sample that ties in with our school value of RESILIENCE or click here for the full article.

“Recently, I saw a mother give a simple, yet profound resilience lesson to her three year old. The toddler fell into his dog’s bowl, saturating his t-shirt and giving himself a fright. His mum quickly helped him saying, “Oh well!” The three-year-old bravely parroted his mother, saying, “Oh well!” and dashed off to play.

Adult reactions matter

It’s in our reactions to these and other every day mistakes, mess-ups, muck-ups and hurts where the big lessons in resilience are taught and reinforced.

The lessons for the three-year-old were simple but profound. “Oh well” meant:

  • Stuff happens
  • Don’t look for fault or blame
  • Keep your perspective
  • Pick yourself off and continue with what you were doing


How to react

The resilience lesson for this mother was equally as profound. When a minor mishap with a child or teenager occurs:

  • Match your response to the incident
  • Stay calm and be positive
  • Don’t look for fault or blame
  • Remember, stuff happens


Resilience lesson for parents – “Oh well”

Every day there are opportunities for parents to give their children lessons in resilience.

A child misses being picked for a team that he had his heart set on joining. Oh well. Let’s see how you go next time.”

When a boy experiences rejection in the playground at school. “Oh well. You’ll find that some people don’t want to be your friend.”

When a teenage girl doesn’t get the mark she thinks she deserves in an assignment. “Oh well. Sometimes we don’t get the marks we think we deserve.”