Principal’s Update- Storm Damage

16 February 2020

Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School was impacted by heavy rain late Friday afternoon that caused major water leaks in the Admin building and minor water ingress in various other locations around the school. There was significant water pooling and a section of ceiling in the reception area collapsed.

The advantage of being a public/private partnership school is clearly evident in times like these. Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School, like several other schools around the state, is part of a partnership agreement between the Victorian State Government and Axiom Education, a private consortium. Axiom and its partner Cushman Wakefield are responsible for the construction and on-going maintenance of our school facility.

Cushman Wakefield managed the situation promptly and efficiently.  They had cleaners onsite Friday afternoon performing water extraction and electricians and plumbers engaged to ensure the building was safe.

They had many trade services at the school over the weekend to assess and investigate the damage to rectify the cause and proceed with repairs immediately.

They made it their upmost priority is ensure our school is safe and operational for Monday.

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to all staff at Cushman Wakefield who worked tirelessly over the weekend with full commitment to ensure our school is safe and operational.

An outstanding effort that is greatly appreciated.


Nicky Walker