Whole School | eSmart Week 2019

4 September 2019

This week at CCPS we are participating in National eSmart Week. As a recognised eSmart school, we are participating in eSmart Week to show our commitment to developing an eSmart Australia, where every individual understands and acts in a way that is Smart, Safe and Responsible around technology.

Classes have been exploring different resources and having discussions around a variety of topics. This has looked at the safe use of the internet and social media, how to maintain a positive digital reputation, how to balance screen time and the safe use of devices.

Have a look at the video we have created about what it means to be eSmart.

Families are asked to continue these conversations at home this week.

  • What guidelines are in place around the safe use of technology in your home?
  • What supervision is in place around technology in the home?
  • Where is technology use allowed in the home? Are all devices/screens kept out of bedrooms to ensure appropriate supervision?