E ui o le tamaoaiga o le aganuu a Ausetalia e mafua mai i lona eseesega, o le loloto o le aganuu a Saina e mauaa i lona talafaasolopito umi. O le aganu’u o le a’a fa’atasi lea o se tagata, ma o se gagana masani e maua ai se fusi fa’ale-aganu’u e sili atu i tua’oi o le atunu’u. Matou te fa’amoemoe o isi tamaiti o lo’o a’oa’oina le gagana Saina e o’o atu i tala atu o le gagana lava ia ma fiafia i le aganu’u o lo’o i tua. 

At Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School, our Language Other Than English (LOTE) subject, Mandarin, endeavours to provide children not only with language skills, but also a cultural awareness of the Chinese speaking community. 

Our Mandarin program includes a variety of topics for different Year levels, such as: 

Foundation to Year 2: Greeting, Numbers, Family members, animals, Class routines, and emotions.  

Year 3 and Year 4: Self-induction, Dates, Colours, Fruits, and Chinese zodiac. 

Year 5 and Year 6: Foods and Drinks, school, countries, and Chinese festivals.  

Through various classroom activities such as songs, raps, storytelling, gestures, games and many other activities, we aim to develop children’s language proficiency and promote intercultural understanding. What is more, our goal is to prepare our children with a global outlook, who have deepened knowledge and understanding of Australia’s engagement with Asia.