Breakfast Club

1 April 2019

Breakfast Club is off to a flying start this year! A big thank you to the staff members helping weekly and our volunteer helpers John, Charina, Fazl and Banu. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Here are the children comments on Breakfast club this term:

KJ Year 6 – I enjoy chatting with my friends and eating. It is a great way to start the day. I wish it was every day!

Ben year 5 Its great to have breakfast and talk to my friends

Arzo year 4 I just love the cheeros and toast!

We will be finishing up term on Thursday 28 March and commence Breakfast Club in Term 2 on Monday 29 April.

If you are able to offer and time or help to our breakfast club please contact Ms Spinucci in room 406.

We look forward to seeing you in Term 2!