Visual Arts

At CCPS children will learn the skills necessary to create a diverse range of visual art works that communicate, challenge and express their own and others ideas. They develop an understanding of how art influences society and vice versa. They will progressively grow perceptual and conceptual understandings, critical reasoning and practice a variety of skills and techniques across multiple mediums. Over the year children will develop:

  • An understanding of the roll of an artist and the relationship between the viewer and artworks.
  • Personal views, inner and outer worlds and build skills to express meaning.
  • An understanding of Art history, theories and practices through responding and exploring famous artists and practicing their techniques.

Art is hands on and constructive, therefore works on each children fine motor skills as well as allowing them to relax while focusing on designing and creating. Children need to have an art smock (or old, large shirt) to protect their uniforms from the materials used in their artworks. Over the year children will use different types of media in their works including:

  • Wet media (Paint, inks, clay, glaze, oil pastel, watercolours, copic markers, PVA for collage)
  • Dry media (Pencils, dry pastel, charcoal, embossed paper.

Children will apply their visual arts knowledge in order to make critical judgements of their own and others work, with an emphasis on creating positive, constructive feedback. Learning in the visual arts leads children to become increasingly confident and proficient in achieving their personal visual aesthetic while appreciating and valuing others in a supportive and encouraging environment.