Physical Education

The overarching aim of the Health and Physical Education program at Cranbourne Carlisle PS is to equip all children with the knowledge, physical, social and mental skills to lead healthy active lifestyles during the educational years and into adulthood. 

To achieve our goal children are firstly guided through a range of basic fundamental motor skills where they experiment with a range of techniques and begin to refine successful movement patterns. More complex skills are then introduced and children then attempt to apply appropriate skills in ever increasing challenging environments, such as team games. 

Throughout the continuum from basic skill development to executing techniques in games, Physical Education and Sport is constantly used to promote the school values, sportsmanship and social and mental skills.  Younger children begin this journey by learning to stay safe in their environments, use equipment and follow simple rules. As games become more complex children are provided with opportunities to umpire, coach, score keep, and administrate to enable them develop a greater understanding of the many roles involved in sport. This culminates in the senior year levels as children participating in PE and Interschool sport will interact with children from other schools and model excellent sportsmanship regardless of results. 

Opportunities at CCPS include:
Swimming Lessons F – Year 4
School Athletics Carnivals– Year 6
District Athletics: Years 4 -6 

School Cross Country: F- Year 6
District Cross Country: Years 4 – 6
Interschool Sport as part of the Hampton Park District – Years 5 and 6. Sports include: Soccer, Volleystars, T-Ball, Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, AFL, Kickball and European Handball. 

Other sports covered at CCPS include:
Table Tennis, Volleyball, Tennis, Sofcrosse, Skipping, Bike Education, Life Saving, Swimming, Gymnastics and NRL. 


Our school house teams and colours are:-