At Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School, we priorities the wellbeing of our students. We recognise the crucial role of positive mental health and wellbeing and believe it is the right of every child to be taught the skills and strategies to manage their health and thrive both at school and in life.

Our goal is to create a positive and nurturing environment that supports children’s physical, emotional and social development, through a range of evidence-based strategies.  We teach our children skills that support, emotional management, self-awareness, empathy, personal safety, respect and positive relationships.  We re-enforce our school wide expectations for respectful behaviour, address issues like racism and bullying, promote healthy relationships and encourage engagement and school connectedness.

Our dedicated staff and Wellbeing Team are committed to providing a learning environment that is positive, inclusive, supportive and safe where students can thrive and reach their full potential.

Zones of Regulations, Restorative Practices, Circle Time, Mindfulness, Creating a Carlisle Community and Respectful Relationships are some of the tools used to support our wellbeing programs. We encourage open communication between students, teachers and parents ensuring everyone feels supported and heard.

Our School Values: – 

Respect – We treat others and ourselves with kindness, fairness and consideration.  This includes listening, valuing ideas, treating others with dignity, following rules, being polite and embracing differences.

Resilience – Individuals can bounce back from challenges, setbacks or difficulties. Our students learn to develop inner strength, perseverance, adaptability and problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles and continue learning.

Curiosity – Individuals have a desire to explore, discover and learn.  Being curious involves asking questions, wondering, seeking knowledge and being open-minded and engaging in the learning process to expand our understandings.

Collaboration – We work together as a team to achieve shared goals. By listening, sharing ideas, co-constructing, compromising and respecting the contributions of others, we collaborate.