Cultural Connections

At Cranbourne Carlisle we support and promote cultural diversity and believe through planning authentic experiences children and families develop a deeper sense of belonging to our community. This provides us with opportunities to dive deeply into cultures and traditions, with the aim of educating children and their families about our shared commonality; our need to feel connected, understood, appreciated and accepted.

Throughout the year, our school community participates in whole day Cultural Connections celebrations. In 2018, our inaugural Cultural Connections celebrations were Afghan Day, Polyfest and African Pride Day. Since that time, Cultural Connections celebrations have included: Aboriginal Australia (Djeembana), India (Diwali) and China (Dragon Dynasty Festival).

These celebrations incorporate carefully planned educational experiences that allow students to investigate and research culturally focused inquiry questions as well as engage with extra-curricular experiences such as; traditional dance, music, food and clothing. Parent and community involvement is integral to these celebrations, with planning sessions occurring often months before the event. These experiences allow children and families the opportunity to direct the content, ensure cultural sensitivities are understood and respected and have legitimate decision-making power for the event. Our Cultural Connections Days aim to bridge the gap between different community groups, providing the opportunity for cultural pride and education.