Restorative Approach

At Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School we pride ourselves on maintaining a learning culture where every individual is valued, and every voice heard. A significant element to ensuring this culture is maintained with integrity and consistency across the school is our model of Restorative Processes.

Restorative processes are implemented to support situations where someone has been made to feel disempowered by the actions of another. This may be overt such as a physical playground incident where someone has been hurt, or less obvious such as a conversation in a work or learning space which has left someone feeling upset or where the actions of another has impacted upon someone’s right to learn and feel safe at school.

A restorative approach is a fair and respectful way of determining the facts, hearing all perspectives and working towards repairing the relationship and restoring the confidence of those who have been impacted by the actions of another.

At CCPS we have developed a Student Engagement Plan which outlines further our Restorative Model, which can be accessed through this link. You can also read more about Restorative Processes from Monash University  How to use restorative justice in your classroom and school – Monash Education