Breakfast Club T2

19 June 2019

Another Successful term for Breakfast Club! It has been wonderful to see more children arriving at school early to share breakfast with their peers. Not only do children leave with a full tummy, Breakfast club is a great opportunity for children to engage with others from different year levels.

Children in Breakfast Club are encouraged to demonstrate our school values and have been working on using manners this term. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ can go a long way and really impact on someone’s day positively. A highlight from this term was our BYO bowl day! This was a big success and a great way to celebrate Breakfast club. We also encourage more children to attend next term!

A big thank you to the staff members helping weekly and our volunteer helpers John, Fazl and Banu. Your help is greatly appreciated!

We will be finishing up Term 2 Breakfast Club on Thursday 20 June and commence Breakfast Club in Term 3 on Monday 22 July.

If you are able to offer any time or help to our breakfast club please contact Ms Spinucci in room 406.


We look forward to seeing you in Term 3!