Principal’s blog | Surveys, Surveys, Surveys

29 July 2019

As a school leader, it is important to facilitate reflection and opportunities for growth. As I mentioned at assembly last week, we are currently collecting a range of data sets to help us plan for the future. The Department of Education has three key sources of feedback:

  • Students Attitude Towards School survey
  • Parent Opinion survey
  • School Staff survey

We have sent the Parent Opinion survey to 200 randomly selected parents and I am asking for your cooperation in completing this 10-15 minute survey. Please see below for a breakdown of how 2018 survey data was used to support improvements in 2019.

  In 2018 we learnt the following: In 2019 we are doing or have done the following:
STAFF OPINION SURVEY Professional learning through peer observation 41.9% (down from 79.2%)
  • Creating formalised opportunities for peer observations
  • Conducting Leadership coaching sessions for all middle leaders
  • PLC support and guidance a priority in school timetabling and planning
Staff social behaviour 61.5% (down from 79.4%)
  • Introduced the Staff Wellbeing Toolkit
  • Driving Staff social behaviour through our Leadership team, including the use of Hot Topics and the IDEA process
STUDENT ATTITUDES TO SCHOOL SURVEY At this school, I help decide things like class activities or rules 65%
  • Formed the ‘Student Voice and Agency Team’
  • Started the ‘Voice N Choice’ program
  • Running an Indian Cultural Connectionz day due to popular demand
Students at this school treat each other with respect 46%
  • Formed new school values including a focus on respect
  • Dedicated assembly awards on respect
PARENT OPINION SURVEY I am able to get the information I need through the school’s regular communication channels 75%
  • Upgraded the school website
  • Regular news update from the Principal and teachers through individual blogs
This school has a strong relationship with the local community 78%
  • Running a weekly Afghan Playgroup for parent support
  • Continued to develop our ‘Community Night’ open evening

If you have any questions about the surveys mentioned you can always find me out the front of the school each morning and afternoon. Come introduce yourself and I’m happy to have a chat.

Tobin Cuss
(Acting) Principal